If you smoke weed, there must have been a time where you looked at your pop-top or ziplock bag and realized you’re out of herbs. So you start looking in all the spots you’ve ever kept your herbs and still nothing. You look down at your pipe and remember your friends talking about resin being smokeable. You wonder if you should smoke it or not, when you say to yourself, “It’s natural and it comes from weed right?” WRONG! If you ever find yourself in this situation, it’s best to find fresh dry herbs rather than pre-smoked gunk. Although it may do the trick, it’s not as great for you as you would wish.

What is Resin?

If you have owned a hand or water pipe long enough, you will notice a black tar and gunky like substance at the bottom base and chamber of your pipe. This black gunk is a mix of leftover oils, herbs, tar, ash, and different carbons. You can notice it slightly from your joints and blunts too. The resin comes from smoking which is the result of high heat mixed with the material. Vaping will have a much different result than smoking will because of the heat on the herb. If you have owned a vaporizer, you know you don’t need to clean it that often. This is because it requires much less heat to get vapor than you need from heat to smoke.

Resin is a sticky like back gunk that forms from plants and herbs. They are generally mixtures of organic compounds. The main reason for it is because the resin protects the plant from insects and pathogens.

Marijuana Resin

Although just about all herbs will produce resin when applied high heat to them, cannabis may be a bit more than usual. One thing to remember is that the more you smoke, the more it will build up. The build-up will cause airways in your pipe to become clogged. This leads to inefficiency. This doesn’t mean you should scrap it and smoke it but rather throw it away. Resin is also called reclaim because you can reclaim it after you have smoked it. 

Since many people have been discovering the different cannabinoids, a lot of people are switching to CBD. They don’t only come in oils but they also come in CBD flowers which can also give you resin if you smoke from a pipe.

Is it Safe?

Smoking resin is pretty harmful and not that great for you. The black color itself should distinguish that but it’s usually a last resort to getting high. As mentioned above, cannabis is made from ash, tar, carbon waste like carbon monoxide, and more. All this together makes for an unhealthy recipe. Benzene is one of the negative compounds you can get from smoking resin which comes from high heat. You can get adverse effects from Benzene itself like dizziness, Alzheimer’s disease, migraines, and much more.

Adverse Effects

Resin is harmful enough to create adverse effects. When it comes to smoking, most people consider the negative effects to come down the line like many years later. Here are some feelings you might get right after smoking it.

Short High

Many people smoke reclaim expecting the high to last a long time. That’s not true and the high isn’t even the same. Instead of a clear-headed high, it makes you feel slow and tired. The worst part is the feeling of being tired doesn’t go away for the remainder of the day, even though the high is gone quickly.


One of the most noticeable effects of smoking is the migraines you get. It is almost noticeable and it’s more of a hammer to the head than a light throbbing. This is a sign that your body is rejecting the smoke.

Heavy Lungs

Heavy lungs depend on the person smoking. Some people are used to smoking a lot so they might not get affected by this but smoke from resin is much thicker. It tends to fill up your lungs with thicker smoke. This almost makes it harder to smoke regular herbs when you get it after.

Irritable Throat

Since the smoke is mixed with tar, ash, and other carbon waste, there are a ton of different things going through the smoke. This is the reason your throat hurts after smoking it. When blowing it out or looking at the smoke rise from the bowl, you will notice it’s much darker and thicker.

Cleaning Methods

It’s not just good enough to know that smoking resin is bad but it’s good to know how to get rid of it. After it collects and stays in your pipe, it tends to get harder which makes it more difficult to clean. There are two methods to use to clean it.

#1 – Cleaning Formula

Using a pipe cleaning formula to clean your smoking accessories works the best. It is specifically formulated with the right ingredients to make sure you have a clean pipe within minutes. Depending on the formula,  it is made to be used with glass, silicone, metal, or acrylic.

They all work a bit differently but for the most part, they’re the same. Start by closing all the openings. Pour your formula in your pipe and start shaking it around so the liquid goes all around the pipe. After a minute or two, pour the liquid out and run it under warm water. Warm water will make sure it gets rid of anything leftover.

#2 – Do-It-Yourself

If you don’t have any pre-made formula to use, simply use a homemade method. It’s easy, just not as efficient. Fill up your pipe with hot water and Walt. Close the openings and shake it all up. You can add 90%+ isopropyl alcohol to make sure it breaks up the resin. Shake it for two minutes and let it sit for 10 minutes. Dump it out and thoroughly rinse it with warm water.

The salt tends to get stuck on the side creases. This makes it hard to get rid of it so washing it a few times is needed.

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