About Weed Press Release

Hi there,

We are Weed Press Release— a cannabis enthusiast by heart. You may have seen us on numerous online publications and blogs writing, expressing, educating, and spreading the love of our wonderful plant.

It’s been almost five years now since we started our fascination with cannabis that eventually took a lot of our time to be more dedicated and hands on to it.

All You Need To Know About Weed

When we started writing about cannabis, it made us wonder how can we indeed be of any help to people that needs more understanding and acceptance and to finally end if not lessen the stigma about cannabis and what better way to do it?

As a researcher, there have been so many questions circling in our open-minded thoughts — the Whats, Hows, and Whys about Weed. So, I decided to take part in the query most of the cannabis users around the globe ask.
Weed Press Release is born!!!

A Celebration of Weed And Its Connection

Weed Press Release is an open source for all cannabis advocates and enthusiasts alike. I can say it’s the celebration of weed, its connections and everything in between. Cannabis, Weed, Pots, Ganja, Marijuana, Hemp you name it and we will have it.